Track Your Fiber Optic Installations with Legend.

16 August, 2017

Legend launches an industry-first Fiber-optic installation tracking service for its’ customers.

Legend, a multi-media service brand that provides digital media services, such as internet, voice and video content, via fiber-optic connections to homes and business locations, has announced the launch of an installation tracking service designed to improve the overall customer experience around its’ fiber-optic installations.

Legend, is an exclusive multi-media brand that offers Premium cable TV entertainment, unlimited Internet access, local and international voice calls, automated home management & security services, all on the same connection; an innovation in multimedia services, powered by fiber-optic technology infrastructure.

The ‘Legend Installation Tracker’ (LIT) is a service for new Legend customers that provides full visibility into the customers’ deployment, with a variety of features, including installation updates, names and identity of installer, interactive messaging with the company, enabling real time feedback and ensuring that the customer is in control of how the installation happens.

“We are thrilled to launch this tracking service for our new customers,  to help them better understand the installation process and ensure they are comfortable at every stage of the process”, says Head of Customer Experience Management, Aisha Abdulaziz.

Legend has installed fiber-optic connections to over 2,000 homes and businesses in the last two years of operations.  Legend works with trained and well-equipped installers, ensuring that all their customers enjoy a smooth introduction to the services.

To learn more about the Legend suite of products, or to book an appointment at the Legend Experience center, call 0700 MY LEGEND or email [email protected], or visit the site at

About Legend By Suburban

Legend is the retail brand of Suburban, and is an exclusive service brand which offers distinctive value that enhances the lifestyle of its users. It was launched in 2014 with a focus on providing access to unlimited premium video entertainment and connectivity to the public.

Legend provides direct fiber network connection to individual locations (homes and offices) to enable: ultra-fast internet access; unlimited HD video streaming via different models, including Subscription Video-on-demand & Transactional Video-on-demand; Home Automation and Security services; Wi-Fi hotspots set up across different locations; as well as a bespoke mobile app that enables video content consumption on the go.