Legend Zone iPhone Live Draw


The Legend Zone iPhone Live Draw took place at Secret Garden, Friday March 31st, 2017. The promotion targeted at raising awareness for Legend Zone WiFi hotspots began at 8pm with the drawing for an iPhone 7 performed by a guest at 11pm.

Guests were invited to sign-up for Legend Zone WiFi service by purchasing Legend Zone vouchers. These vouchers, available in a one day pass (N600), one week pass (N1,800) or one month pass (N3,400), provide unlimited access to Legend Zone WiFi Internet service.

Guests enjoyed free drinks upon purchase of a voucher plus an automatic entry into the draw for an iPhone 7. Great food was served at Secret Garden’s serene outdoor sitting area with live music and the enjoyment of impeccable WiFi service.

Our luck winner, Federica Fantoli took home a brand new iPhone7, wrapping up another successful Legend Zone promotion.

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