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We have provided responses to some frequently asked questions, to enable quick and easy assistance.  Please feel free to contact us for more dedicated support.

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New to Legend
  • Welcome to Legend.

    Legend is a multimedia service that delivers your internet, video and telephony services at the best quality and convenience over a single medium. Our services are powered end to end by optic fiber infrastructure to guarantee speed, reliability and quality. We are continuously fine tuning our service to ensure it remains world class.

  • What is Dual Play and Triple Play?

    • Legend Triple Play is our Internet, Video and Voice service delivered over a single fiber optic cable into your home. The service as delivered by a device (ONT) in your home.
    • Legend Dual Play is our Internet and TV OR TV and telephony service. They are also delivered by a single fiber optic cable and ONT into your home.
  • What is the ONT modem for?

    The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) modem allows you to use your broadband and any devices that use our services, such as your telephone or Legend TV box, at the same time. They should be connected to the master socket, which is usually located where the fiber cables comes into your home, as well as any other phone socket you use.

    When you have a fibre cable or modem that is not correctly installed, you may have:

    • Slow internet speed
    • Unreliable or intermittent internet connection
    • Noise or interference on the line when making telephone calls
Legend TV
  • How do I setup my Legend TV?

    1. Connect a LAN cable to the Set top box (STB) and the other end to LAN port 3 on the ONT device
    2. Connect your HDMI cable to the STB and to your TV
    3. Then Power both devices ON and your LEGEND TV should be up (make sure power cable is connected to mains)

  • What are my Legend TV login details?

    • This is a 4-digit numeric User ID and a 6-digit password that gives you access to your Legend services. You can use this to log into Legend TV, Legend Lite and Legend Zone.
  • What is Legend Vault?

    • This is your video library that gives you access to hundreds of movies, TV series, kids, documentaries, music and other programs. You can view these titles as long as you have a valid subscription.
  • Can I download Movies & Series & watch offline?

    • Legend TV is a streaming service, which means you cannot download the movies or series onto your laptops or tablet.
    • However, we do have a Legend Lite app which is available on any android or IOS tablet or phone where you are able to login with your specific details and watch Legend TV as long as you are within your house Wi-Fi access area or have access to data when you are away from your house. If you are a Triple Play or Dual Play subscriber, you can also use this in the Legend Zones at zero extra cost.
Legend Internet
  • Troubleshooting -- slow browsing, no connectivity.

    • Check the ONT device is connected to the Mains and if it is powered on.  Then check that the light indicators on top are all green (Green indicates device is Ok, RED indicates there is a fault)
    • If connected using cable, please check the cable connectivity and ensure the light indicator is ON for that port. If connected via wireless, please check the light indicator for WLAN is ON
    • If step 1 & 2 is passed and still no connectivity, power off the device for 1 min and restart.
    • If connected through Wi-Fi delete/forget the network and reconnect.
    • If the problem persists, contact Legend Call Centre (0700 MY LEGEND) for further assistance.
  • How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

    • The password can only be changed when you have direct access to the ONT device. To log into the modem, follow the steps below:
      • Open a browser on a phone/laptop type
      • login with Username: root password: admin
      • When logged in click on the WLAN tab, search for WPA pre-shared Key, then change the password to your desired choice.
  • How do I Extend my Legend internet coverage in my location?

    • Connect a cable on LAN1 or LAN 2 of the ONT device to the router/access point (Please ensure that the DHCP on the router/ access point is enabled)
  • How can I automate my home?

    • With Legend triple play or dual play installed in your home, you can automate your home by connecting all devices that can be networked (or have a wired or wireless connection facility). This includes your TVs, Music players, air-conditioning, lighting, CCTV, doors, windows, curtains and blinds.
    • All these devices can be networked to a single control system and be accessed from inside or outside your home. This provides you with enhanced security, ease of getting things done and enable cost savings. Our technicians can work with you to determine what level of automation suits your home.
  • How do I setup a wireless security system?

    • Wireless Home Security systems from Legend are also available as one of the features of Home Automation. We will install and connect wireless CCTV cameras which can be accessed from anywhere in the world for you to view any part of your home or compound. Call 0700-MYLEGEND to request for a survey and solution for your home today.
  • How can I get an intercom service?

    • Legend can provide you an intercom service if you live in a multi-dwelling compound or any facility requiring more than one telephone unit. This will enable you to make phone calls within the facility without incurring additional phone bills.
  • How do I connect my phone?

    • For analog
      • Get an RJ 11 cable and connect it to TEL 1 or TEL 2 on the ONT device and to your phone and inform NOC department for configuration on the ONT device.
    • For IP Phone
      • Connect to LAN 4 on the ONT device and inform the NOC department for configuration details SIP Server IP and the phone number assigned to the customer.
  • What type of phone can I connect?

    An analog phone or digital IP phone

  • How many phones can I connect?

    2 analog phones and 1 digital phone

  • My phone isn’t working

    Check your RJ11 or RJ45 cable and connect properly to the ONT device. Or your credit unit has exhausted/expired.

  • How can I get intercom service?

    Legend can provide you an intercom service if you live in a multi-dwelling compound or any facility requiring more than one telephone unit. This will enable you to make phone calls within the facility without incurring additional phone bills.

  • How do I get more minutes?

    Customer should make a deposit / transfer to our account, with their account reference and notify us. We will then apply the credit to their account and they can call any number they wish, up until the credit runs out.  The credit rolls over until it is utilized, even if you renew your subscription.

  • What is Legend Lite?

    It is our mobile app where you can enjoy premium entertainment with unlimited access to movies, series, live sports and live news through Legend Box Office, Legend Vault, and Legend Freeview. It’s entertainment on the go.

  • How do I download the app?

    The app can be downloaded on playstore or app store with the search word ‘LegendLite’

  • How to sign up to Legend Zone?

    Process Of New Customer Registration

    • Customer Connects to Legend Zone Wifi.
    • Legend Page opens up. Customer Clicks On “Sign Up” Button
    • Customer Fills in details and selects Plan
    • Customer saves and click on pay
    • Customer chooses mode of payment: card or voucher
    • Upon successful payment, the screen prompts (payment successful)
    • Customer Receives 3 Sms:

    a) Welcome Message

    b) Registration Details

    c) Account details (user name and password to access your service, depending on the plan selected)

  • Where are the Legend Zones?

    Legend Zones can be found at the following locations:

    • Café de Vie – 12 Amazon St., Maitama, Abuja
    • Downtown Restaurant – 38 Gana St., Maitama, Abuja
    • House 43 – 43 Gana St., Maitama, Abuja
    • Jade Fitness & Lifeplus – 6 Salt lake, off Gana St., Maitama, Abuja
    • Traffic Bar and Restaurant – 8 Missouri St., Maitama, Abuja and 39 Gana St., Maitama, Abuja
    • Vanilla Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge – 11 Usman Cl. Off Gana St., Maitama, Abuja
    • Aiivon Innovation Hub – 167 Ademola Adetokunbo Cres., Wuse II, Abuja
    • Civic Innovation Lab – 50 Ademola Adetokunbo Cres., Wuse II, Abuja
    • Food City – Bangui St., Wuse II, Abuja
    • H&H Continental Food Court – 18 Blantyre St., Wuse II, Abuja
    • Hootas – 16 Bangui St.,1st Floor, Wuse II, Abuja
    • Moz Mall – 19 Durban St., Wuse II, Abuja
    • Pastry Shoppe – 124 Aminu Kano Cres., Wuse II, Abuja
    • RydeFit Gym – 1 Thaba Tseka Street off Adetokunbo Ademola Cres., Wuse II, Abuja
    • Signature Restaurant and Spa – Amino kano Cres., Wuse II, Abuja
    • The Ivory Place – 42 Birao St.,Wuse II, Abuja
    • The Secret Garden – 979 Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse II, Abuja
    • Lakeview Homes Phase 1 – Jabi, Abuja
    • Tak Clubhouse – 11 Aliyu Mohammed Rd., Life Camp, Abuja
    • Woks and Koi – Opposite NIIT, 139 Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.
    • Duo restaurant – 99 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.
    • QUO – 33 Gana Street, Maitama, Abuja.
    • Zanzibar – Maitama Amusement Park.
    • Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Hub – Agadez Street, Wuse 2
    • Baze University – Cadastral Zone C 00, 686 Jabi Airport Road Bypass, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Can I track my installation?

    Yes. Click here to track you installation, access your installer’s contact information and geo location.

    You will need your registered email address to login.