LEGEND Partners Brains & Hammers for Fiber-to-the-Home Deployment in Estates Across Abuja.


23 November 2016.

Over the last few years, Brains & Hammers have revolutionized the real estate industry in Nigeria, by delivering unique, beautiful, yet highly functional buildings that are truly value for money – the perfect mix of superior design, exquisite craftsmanship and price.

LEGEND, is an exclusive multi-media brand that offers Premium cable TV entertainment, unlimited Internet access, local and international voice calls, automated home management & security services, all on the same connection; an innovation in multimedia services, powered by fiber-optic technology infrastructure.

Both institutions have decided to come together to equip over 3,000 houses in Abuja with future-proof fiber-to-the-home, which will open up a new world of possibilities for owners and residents of these properties.  With Fiber in the home, a house can become a smart home through the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, where devices in the home are connected to the internet and are able to send and receive data.

Through a Fiber-to-the-home connection, residents can control Wi-Fi and internet enabled appliances remotely, like cameras, ACs, lights; residents can also play music over their Wi-Fi across different rooms, with access to international radio and music stations; as well as stream and download as much content as they want on an ultrafast internet connection with no buffering.  All these are made possible by Fiber-optic connectivity, which delivers truly unlimited internet, premium video content, call services and more on a single connection.

This deployment will be the largest Fiber-to-the-home rollout in Sub-Saharan Africa and heralds a new era of better living for Nigerian home-owners.  The Executive Director of Business Development for Brains and Hammers, Ifeoma Okoye, speaking of this partnership, says: “Brains & Hammers constructs houses with only the utmost attention to detail, creating buildings and communities that become reference points in the industry – both for individual homeowners and the industry at large.  Professionally, our aim is to be a benchmark for the entire residential construction industry. We aim to be the real estate developer that other developers emulate, both in terms of our actual end products, and of our management/business approach.”

LEGEND is a product brand of Suburban Fiber Company, a company that maintains strong foundations in the Nigerian multi-media space, with over a decade of pioneering and successful operations.  The CMO of Suburban Fiber Company, Gabriel Gab-Umoden, speaking on the partnership, says: “The Legend brand offering is second to none in Nigeria, with a reliable network, superior entertainment and ancillary services all offered at price points that are accessible to a broad spectrum of the market.  We have successfully rolled out our services to thousands of homes and satisfied customers, and we are eager to deliver true broadband to more Nigerian homes at such a large scale”.

The project commenced in October 2016 and will be swiftly rolled out in all Brains & Hammers estates across the Abuja metropolis.  With this landmark achievement, fiber-optic connectivity will become part of the blueprint for estate developments in the country going forward, as Nigeria looks to leap frog other developing nations in this regard.